Kent Hamre Obituary, Learn More About Kent Hamre – Death Cause

Kent Hamre Obituary, Death – My name is Alexie Burkholder, and my father’s name is Kent Hamre. My mother’s maiden name was Burkholder. My middle name is Burkholder. I am his daughter. It wasn’t until well after I had finished my shift here tonight that I found out that Kent had died away early this morning (7/18). This occurred a considerable amount of time after the news was initially reported. Given that I am his oldest child and the only one of his children to have had any type of significant contact with him, the entire responsibility for carrying this burden falls squarely on my shoulders.

Kent did not own any assets, bank accounts, or anything else that may have been utilized in any way to plan for the charges that were linked with this circumstance. I am currently in the process of having discussions with the county in order to determine whether or not they will make a financial commitment, either in full or in part, and how much of a contribution they will make. I am currently a single mother who is working hard to raise my child or children despite the fact that I can only count on one income. Despite this limitation, I am determined to do the best I can.

Bereavement leave is unpaid, and I’ll need some time to get all of this sorted out, so anything that is donated will go toward the expense of cremation and a small memorial ceremony; if there is anything left over, it will go toward sustaining me. I will need some time to get all of this straightened out. Bereavement leave is unpaid. I am grateful to you for the assistance that you have offered, the sharing that you have performed, or the uplifting phrase that you have left. We are thankful for each and every one of your prayers. Thank you. GoFundMe

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