Kyla Lapointe Obituary New Brunswick Canada, Kyla Lapointe Has Died – Death Cause

Kyla Cindy Lapointe Obituary, Death – According to Const. Isabelle Beaulieu of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the call was received at approximately 10:15 p.m. in. As soon as LaPointe arrived at the hospital, a medical professional proclaimed him dead, and his body was taken away shortly after that. Despite the outpouring of love and the wonderful memories that others have shared about her daughter, LaPointe-Blanchard is having a difficult time coping with the overwhelming amount of grief that she is currently experiencing.

A female victim who was 22 years old and was killed when she was struck by a car in the westbound lane of the Trans-Canada Highway has reportedly passed away as a result of the incident that caused her death. This information comes from the RCMP of New Brunswick. The woman had roots in the municipality of Riverview, which is found in the province of New Brunswick.
She had just left the AC/DC concert that had been held in Moncton on Saturday night and was attempting to cross the road between the Gorge Road exit and the Mountain Road exit when she was hit by a car. The concert had been held in Moncton. The city of Moncton had played host to the concert.

She wrote in a letter that she is having a difficult time coping with the overwhelming amount of grief that she is currently experiencing and that she is fighting to find comfort in the company of others. This is despite the fact that other people have shared lovely memories about her daughter and the affection that other people have had for her daughter. Others have felt that her daughter was loved. Her stepdad Serge, her father Alvin, her sisters Kyla and Jessica, as well as myself, are completely devastated,” said LaPointe-Blanchard. “We are all in complete disbelief.” “None of us can believe this is actually happening.” “None of us can believe that this is actually happening.” Everyone spoke up at the same time, and we all said at the same time, “Our hearts are broken.”

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