Lance Gardner Obituary, Magen Hudson Mourn Lance Gardner Death

Lance Gardner Obituary, Death – Another victory for Mann, albeit one that was quite challenging. The passing of the weekend led to the passing of one of the volunteers who was the most dependable and loyal to the cause. His name was Lance Gardner, and he was one of the volunteers that passed away. During the course of my employment with the Salvation Army in Sedalia, which has lasted for a total of eight years, I have had the honor of devoting a sizeable portion of my time to engaging in conversation with the individuals stated above.

The closeness of our relationship is a direct result of this, and it is one that has grown as a direct consequence of this. Because Lance was there for me in such a way, both professionally and emotionally, my friends and I used to jokingly refer to him as my “adopted dad.” This was due to the fact that he supported me in both aspects of my life. This was because he encouraged me in both professional and personal endeavors throughout my life.

I am still working by the Salvation Army to this very day because of his direction, advice, and encouragement over the years, but especially in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing and he helped me figure out what I should be doing. Without his assistance, there is no way that I could have made it here. It is impossible to list all of the wonderful things that can be said about Lance and his family, who have grown to be an extension of my own; needless to say, he will be sorely missed. I could go on and on about all of the amazing things that can be written about Lance and his family, but suffice it to say that I could do so for quite some time.

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