Lim Yah Obituary, Learn More About Lim Yah – Death Cause

Lim Yah Obituary, Death –  PV Sends Our Deepest Condolences To Lee Suet Fern,Lee Hsien Yang And Family This morning, PV learned of the sudden death of Professor Lim Chong Yah, who was the father of Lee Suet Fern. His passing came as a shock to everyone at PV. This morning, PV was informed of his friend’s passing.

When the news was first announced at PV, everyone was taken aback by the information. The discovery will have tremendously negative ramifications for PV, and those repercussions will be extremely harmful. A towering figure in the realm of academia and a respected economist, Professor Lim presided over the National Wage Council for an amazing 29 years. He was also a member of the Council’s Executive Committee.

His time on the council was the longest ever recorded in the body’s annals. He was also a member of the Council’s Executive Committee. His time in office created a new standard for the position. Students would have been familiar with his work because his book on economics became the de facto standard text for students who wanted employment in the field of economics. Because of this, the pupils would have been required to complete his task.

He was a very significant player in the growth of Singapore and was considered to be one of the most influential persons in the country. The undertaking that was delegated to Professor Lim has been carried out in its full and is now in a state where it may be submitted without further delay. I want God to give him the kind of peace that cannot be described in words. Please hear my prayer and answer it.

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