Liz Strand Obituary Reno Nevada, Liz Strand Has Died – Death Cause

Liz Strand Obituary, Death – All of these things were made possible for her as a result of this investment. The initial financial commitment made it feasible to accomplish all of these goals and objectives. Betty was passionate about many things, including the arts, but also about giving to charity, laughing together while playing games, eating good cuisine with good people, having good company while playing games, and enjoying her peaceful pleasures of reading and watching PBS.

In spite of the fact that she never got married and didn’t have any kids of her own, she was always there for her nieces and nephews, providing them with both stern advice and unwavering support throughout their lives. Because of the choices she made, she was able to complete all of the items on her first bucket list before the age of forty, and she encouraged other people to do the same because she believes that everyone is capable of achieving the same level of success.

After completing high. The passing of Liz Strand is a sad and upsetting loss. Both her Master of Art and her Master of Fine Art degrees came from the University of Iowa, where she studied art. This investment paved the way for her to live a life as an independent artist; as a mentor of other artists through a professorship at Concordia College, Moorhead; as a global traveler; and as a private soul enjoying her life in her star-shaped home, which she had erected from a design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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