Madonna Harford Obituary, Madonna Harford Has Sadly Passed Away – Obituary Notice

Madonna Harford Obituary, Death Cause – Mrs. Madonna Harford was involved in the labor movement affiliated with trade unions for a significant amount of time in addition to her roles as a public servant, a community activist, a wife, and a mother. She was also active in these roles for a period of time. The news of her demise comes at an extremely difficult time for everyone here at The Bubb Report. Mrs. Harford rose through the ranks of the government and made her way all the way up to the post of Permanent Secretary before getting there. Along the way, she held a variety of different jobs.

Following her retirement, she was elected president of the Grenada Public Workers Union, and during her tenure in that role, she also served as president of the Grenada Trades Union Council. During her whole career, she held both of these leadership positions simultaneously. These two responsibilities were simultaneously covered by two separate individuals. We will never forget Mrs. Harford as an ardent advocate of the rights of workers and as a staunch champion for the development of young people.

She was also a firm champion for the development of young people. She will be remembered for her work in this capacity forever. We owe her a great deal of gratitude for all of the effort and time that she has devoted to assisting the people of Grenada and the Caribbean region as a whole. During this trying time, we want her immediate family to know that we are there for them and that we are standing in solidarity by their side. I hope and pray that your spirit is at peace no matter where you are.

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