Mario Manocchio Obituary, Mario Manocchio Has Died -Death Cause

Mario Manocchio Obituary, Death – Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of a dear friend and colleague, Mario Manocchio. It is with great regret that I must proceed in this manner. This morning, Mario died away in Florida, surrounded by his loved ones and friends, in the home he owned jointly with his daughter. Mario, who was 93 years old at the time, was a member of the lodge and had been for the past 54 years.

It is safe to assume that everyone would agree that the lodge in Macedonia that we know and recognize today would not be here if it were not for Mario and a number of other members. This is something that can be said with absolute certainty. Mario was one of the leaders who assisted in the planning and construction of the existing structure, and he played a role in both of those processes.

During the succeeding four decades, he continued to lend a hand in the growth of the lodge. During this period, he devoted a large amount of his time and effort to the completion of numerous modifications as well as the maintenance of the lodge’s existing structure. We are indebted to Mario for an immeasurable amount of gratitude due to the dedication, time, and effort that he has contributed over the course of a number of years.

We will keep you informed if there are any memorial services scheduled for Mario that are going to be held in the Cleveland area so that his family and friends can accept our condolences. These ceremonies are being held so that Mario’s loved ones can say goodbye to him. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. Thank you.

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