Mark Mitchell Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered – Death Cause

Mark Mitchell Obituary, Death – It’s breaking my heart. Today was an awful day. The news that Mitch had passed away unexpectedly came to us today. My “adopted” son, Mark, and my “newly adopted” son, Mike, have a brother named Mitch who is their older sibling. And, well, my Mother Hen instincts were triggered, and I had the feeling that I had taken Mitch under my wing in some capacity as well. It was exactly three months ago today that these boys said goodbye to their mother. They have struggled to come to terms with their loss since she passed away so unexpectedly. Since he was there with her at the time she passed away, Mitch has had a lot of trouble working over his grief.
This picture of Mitch was taken by me in May of 2023 during the Celebration of Life for their Mother. That day was difficult for Mitch, but at one point he was trying to be funny with me, and I’m thankful that I was able to capture this genuine smile of his at the very moment it was needed. Following that, Mark very kindly extended an invitation for me to supper with the three lads. My time spent with them was memorable, and I had fun taking in all of the playful banter and ribbing they exchanged with one another. It was almost like if I were hanging out with my own three sons (who, ironically, were all born in the same years as the Mitchell brothers and were only separated by a few months from one another).

After that, we went to the mall in search of new sneakers for Mitch. What is it with these Mitchell brothers and their unhealthy obsession with shoes? After some time, I contacted Mitch on social media with the intention of sending him some images of my family, and he finally answered to me on Canada Day. We had a really meaningful chat, the likes of which I will never forget, and Mitch entrusted me with a responsibility afterward. “Mitch, I want you to have peace of mind in the knowledge that a promise is a promise… and I am fulfilling my promise to you and honoring your desire. Please take this into consideration. My journey began thirteen years ago, and I have no plans to terminate it any time soon. I promise that I won’t let you down.

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