Martin Condon Obituary, Chairman and former Managing Director – Death Cause

Martin Condon Obituary, Death – We were informed this morning with a big amount of pain on all of our hearts that our Chairman and former Managing Director, Mr. Martin Condon, had passed away late on Tuesday evening at the age of 75. This news threw a tremendous amount of sadness on our hearts all at once. The information was brought to our attention in an extremely challenging way. It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that Martin Condon has passed away.

At this very moment, the amount of sorrow that we are feeling is overpowering, and it is wreaking havoc on our insides. On Tuesday evening, word spread throughout the building that Martin Condon had exited the premises earlier in the day. Martin received the necessary medical attention and care during his latter days of life at the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork City, which was also the location where he passed away.

During this time, he was surrounded by friends and relatives, as well as other loved ones, who were there to lend their support and comfort to him. Martin was transported to the hospital, but even once he arrived there, he did not have a good chance of surviving for a very long time. Our deepest sympathies and unwavering support go out to Martin’s cherished wife Geraldine, as well as to his brother Anthony and sister Margaret, as well as to his many nephews, nieces, and friends. Martin will be greatly missed by all.

Everyone who knew Martin will miss him very much. Martin was a wonderful spouse, and his loved ones and friends will miss him tremendously due to his passing. Everyone who had the privilege of spending time with Martin and caring for him during his lifetime will look back on him with fondness in their memories.

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