Mason Coates Obituary Loudoun County Virginia, Mason Coates Death And Funeral

Mason Coates Obituary, Death – There is one great-granddaughter by the name of Lyla, one daughter named Cindy (Ross) Sullivan, two sons named Michael (Terrie) Coates and Kerry (Wanda) Coates, five grandchildren named Steven, Sheena, Austin, Morgan, and Chloe, one brother named Cecil (Sandra) Mason, two sisters named Gertrude Spence and Donna Quinn, and one great-granddaughter by the name of Lyla. These particular individuals are descendants of Marg’s who have survived into the modern period and are still active and productive members of society.

When Mrs. Marg Coates passed away on January 26, 2016, she had already lived a full and fruitful life, having reached the ripe old age of 76. This particular day served as the leaving date for her. She had been a resident of Melita, Manitoba; nevertheless, she died away in the Deloraine Health Centre, which was located in the city of Deloraine, Manitoba; despite the fact that Deloraine is located in the province of Manitoba, the city of Deloraine is located in the province of Manitoba. In the Canadian province of Manitoba, the city of Deloraine housed the Deloraine Health Centre.

By the time she left in October of 2015, both of her sisters, Yvonne Broome and Joyce Brotherston, as well as both of her parents, William Mason and Pearl (Vail) Mason, had already left. She was the only one left behind. Not only she herself, but also her husband Alvin had already passed away in the years preceding up to the time of her passing away. By the time she was born, her parents had been married for 67 years, and their love for one another and their marriage continued to thrive right up to the moment when they both passed away.

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