Matthew Levonchuck Obituary Stratford NJ, Matthew Levonchuck Has Died – Death Cause

Matthew Levonchuck Obituary, Death – He was devoted to his wife and children and treated each relationship with the utmost care. Matt was a wonderful son, brother, and friend, and he will be sorely missed by all of his family and friends. Matt is survived by his sister, Breezy; his parents, Ron (Harla) and Casey (Chris) Haan; his grandparents, Linda and Greg Bennett and Kathy (Steve) Haan-Hall; his uncles and aunts, Brian and Heather Bennett, Erin White, and Ray and Debby Listman, Matt (Courtney) Haan and Andrew (Andrea) Haan; and his cousins, Emma, Megan, Max, Lucy, Nicholas, and Jacob.

He had a passion for collecting shoes and was open to listening to music of all kinds. There is no longer any hope for Matthew Levonchuck. Matt was about to complete his studies in the Business Department at Illinois State University and receive his degree. People will always remember Matt for his upbeat attitude and his ability to look for the best in other people. You could find him cheering for his Minnesota Vikings on Sundays, and after the game, he’d prepare a delicious handmade supper from scratch that he’d cheerfully give with anyone who asked.

Animals were very important to Matt. Being in the fresh air and surrounded by nature was quite relaxing for Matt. It’s possible that he was the worst liar in the history of the planet, but that only served to deepen your affection for him.He had the wisdom of an ancient spirit and treasured the time he spent with people who were close to him. He had natural talent in the classroom and on the dance floor, but he was terrible at whistling and couldn’t keep his balance on a pogo stick. He exhibited a sincere interest in the lives of those around him and enjoyed spending time with other people.

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