Mildred Joyner Obituary, Mildred Joyner Has Sadly Passed Away – Obituary Notice

Mildred Joyner Obituary, Death – Mildred “Mit” Joyner was a trailblazer in the field of social work, a mentor to many people in Pennsylvania, a leader in the chapter and national NASW, an advocate for social justice, a West Chester professor, a keynote speaker at NASW-PA’s conferences and MULTIPLE other events, the recipient of our 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, and most importantly, a friend. She will be remembered as all of these things, but most importantly as a friend.

On February 4, 2019, Mildred “Mit” Joyner lost her battle with cancer. She will be deeply missed. She will be remembered not only as a person with all of these attributes, but most importantly as a friend to those who had the opportunity to know her. This year, she will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of everything she has accomplished throughout the course of her career. The demise of Joyner has left the National Association of Social Workers Pennsylvania in a state of disbelief and grief.

They simply cannot accept that he is no longer there. This is a loss that cannot be measured in any manner, nor can it be compared to any other loss in any way. This loss is unique and cannot be matched by any other. Keep an eye out for any new information that we may release, and do so at the same time that we are choosing the most appropriate manner to honour her memory. During this time, we are going to keep working on finding a solution to this problem.

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