Motorcycle Accident San Diego, Police Still Investigate

Motorcycle Accident San Diego – A traffic enforcement officer working for the Coronado Police Department spotted a motorcyclist traveling northbound on State Route 75 at an extremely rapid speed at approximately seven in the morning. The officer’s observation ultimately resulted in the filing of a report for a violation of the traffic rules that had been broken, which had been in violation.

According to the police, when the officer sought to pull over the motorbike for the traffic infraction, the rider allegedly did not yield to the officer and then sped away to escape being caught. When the officer tried to catch up with the rider, the rider sped away to avoid being caught. When the police officer tried to catch up with the rider, the rider rushed away to escape being apprehended by the officer. In order to avoid being apprehended by the officer who was pursuing the motorcycle, the rider made a hasty getaway.

A report from the Coronado Police Department states that an accident occurred as a motorbike was moving closer and closer to the intersection of Coronado Cays. The report also states that the motorcyclist was involved in the collision. A collision occurred between the cyclist and a car that, at the time of the incident, was in the midst of proceeding through the junction.

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