Mrs. Clause Obituary, Learn More About Mrs. Clause – Death Cause

Mrs. Clause Obituary, Death – Because of the passing of the great and amazing Sylvia Page Alberson, better often known as Mrs. Clause by many people in our town, the Town of Williamston has entered into a state of mourning as a result of this tragedy. Not only did Sylvia and her husband serve the community of Williamston for a number of years as Mr. and Mrs. Clause during our annual Christmas celebrations, but they also served the community by being residents who were kind and sympathetic to one another. Sylvia and her husband served the town of Williamston for a number of years as Mr. and Mrs. Clause during our annual Christmas celebrations.

The generosity of Sylvia and her husband was well-known across the community. She made it a point to spend time and attention on babies, young children, as well as adults of all ages, and she did this by smiling and delivering words of encouragement at all times. In addition to this, she made it a priority to interact with people of varying ages. Not only will those of us who work here at Town Hall miss her terribly, but so will members of the community that makes up Williamston and the villages that surround it. Members of the community that makes up Williamston will miss her profoundly.

She played a significant role in all of our lives. Many thanks go out to you, Sylvia, for all of the support, devotion, and dedication you’ve provided to the people who live in the Williamston area over the course of these many years. We ask that you continue to keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts as they go through this difficult time. Remember to keep them in your prayers at all times, please. Regarding the tragic loss that Sylvia’s family and friends have endured, please accept our heartfelt sympathies for their suffering.

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