Nancy Davis Obituary, Nancy Davis Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Nancy Davis Obituary, Death – Nancy Gene Davis was born on May 2, 1949, in the city of Flint, in the state of Michigan. She was a woman who enjoyed life to the fullest and always found a reason to laugh. Her death occurred on July 18th, 2023 in the city of Royal Oak, Michigan. It was well known that Nancy had a caring, witty, and sensitive nature, and she willingly shared all of these qualities with everyone she came in contact with. She was the light of the party, she had a passion for art and drawing, and she frequently put her artistic abilities to use by transforming mundane items into works of art.

In addition, Nancy had a deep appreciation for good literature. She devoured books like they were going out of style and could frequently be caught with her head in one. In spite of the fact that she enjoyed painting and reading, she found that nothing could compare to the pleasure that she received from simply being among her loved ones and friends. Tami (Todd) Mudge, Angi (Eli June) Kimmery, and Suni (Erick) Slaten were her three stunning daughters, and she was a devoted mother to all of them. She was also a kind sister to her brothers, Richard Groezinger (who was married to Gloria), and Aaron Groezinger (who was married to Kathy).

In addition to being the doting grandmother of Lukas, Jakob, Rubi, Lily, and Madeline, Nancy was also the doting great-grandmother of Charlee and Oliver. She cherished each one of them deeply and frequently remarked that the sound of their collective laughter was the most beautiful music that she had ever heard. She had a special relationship with her cousin Bruce, who was also a close friend. Their connection was marked by joyful banter, friendly competition, and a deep affection for one another’s families. Bruce thought of Nancy as his partner in crime, and the two of them had a lot of memories together that will stick with him forever.

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