Paddy Donnell Obituary, Paddy Donnell Has Died – Obituary Is Out Now

Paddy Donnell Obituary, Death – Everyone in this room was absolutely taken aback when they heard the news of Paddy mc Donnell’s untimely departure, and as a direct result, all of our hearts are filled with an immense sense of sorrow. Paddy never missed an opportunity to cheer on his son Tadgh’s squad during one of their many memorable matches over the course of the years, and he never hesitated to show his support to the club at any of our fund-raising activities.

Tadgh’s squad won a lot of games over the years, and Paddy never missed an occasion to cheer on his son’s team. Paddy never missed an occasion to show his support for Tadgh’s team, and as a result, his son’s side was victorious in a number of contests throughout the years. Paddy never passed up an opportunity to demonstrate his support for Tadgh’s team, and as a direct result, Tadgh’s squad was successful in a number of competitions over the course of their father’s lifetime.

In addition to being a trustworthy friend, he personifies the absolute essence of what it is to be a gentleman in each and every possible sense of the word. To Pauline and Tadgh, his parents Colum and Teresa, his brother Tom, and his sisters Mari, Julie, and Lisa, as well as the rest of his extended family and friends, our sincerest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with you all at Ardee Celtic. Pauline and Tadgh had been married for a long time and were quite happy together until he passed away.

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