Patricia Plumbridge Obituary, Patricia Plumbridge Has Died – Death Cause

Patricia Plumbridge Obituary, Death – Because we are saddened to inform you of the passing of a true Newlyn landmark, please accept our sincerest sympathies. Patricia Mary Plumbridge MBE, Pat, or The Duchess of Newlyn as you would have definitely known her, died away peacefully in her sleep in her house, which she cherished so very much, on Tuesday, July 4th, at the age of 97. Her name was Patricia Mary Plumbridge MBE.

For as long as the most of us can remember, Pat had been a significant and indispensable component of the Newlyn landscape. She was a cheerful, effervescent figure who always had a grin and a cheery word for you as she made her way through the town on her regular excursions to Penzance and sometimes further afield to The Palace in Paignton and other destinations. She was a regular at Penzance and sometimes went further afield to other places.

Pat had died away not too long ago, and the absence of her presence in the Newlyn environment had created a huge void. Pat’s health has taken a bit of a turn for the worse as of late as a result of a fall that she suffered when she was making ready to move back into her home after a fire that occurred in the public house next door. Pat’s accident occurred as she was getting ready to move back into her home after the fire had been extinguished. Once her first recuperation, which was watched by those who cared about her, was complete.

Even though she was able to stand on her own again, she had a hard time moving around nearly as efficiently as she had in the past. This was despite the fact that she was back on her feet. As a consequence of this, she made the decision to go shopping with her instead of visiting the village with her. She was quickly able to get back on her feet thanks to the numerous visits from her friends and the words of encouragement that they gave to her during those trips. She also went back to her beloved home and, after a brief period of adjustment, started living there on her own again.

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