Paul Bigman Obituary, Funeral And Visitation – Out Now

Paul Bigman Obituary, Death – The employees of the Musicians’ Association of Seattle, Local 76-493 would like to express their deepest condolences to the Bigman family on the loss of Paul Bigman, who served as our former organiser. Paul was only with our company for a little period of time, but we will certainly keep in mind his presence here for many years to come. The musical community in Seattle benefited greatly from Paul’s extensive background and experience. The skills he taught musicians via that organising led to victories and policies that continue to make an impact throughout the state. He was an invaluable resource for us as we established our Fair Trade Music Campaign in Seattle.

Those victories and policies continue to have an effect throughout the state. Paul expressed numerous times how thrilled he was to observe artists beginning to RECLAIM THE POWER THAT WAS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS. He was a fervent supporter of the arts and was always trying to get musicians to value themselves as much as their followers do and to not be afraid to ask for what they are truly worth. He would always remind musicians that “there is a lot more that goes into your work than just what happens on stage.

We can state without a doubt that if someone feels the desire to honour Paul and all he accomplished for the musical community in Seattle, he would want to see you take that passion and use it to help your neighbour. This is something that we are certain of. Participate in volunteer work with an organisation that you feel strongly about, send a letter to a political figure, or go to a rally.

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