Peter Mcnamara Obituary, A Native Of Wilton CT Has Died – Death Cause

Peter Mcnamara Obituary, Death – Peter Mcnamara has died. Peter started his actuarial profession in New York City soon after graduating from college and moving there. During this time, he joined a co-ed softball team called “The Bandits,” and he spent most summer Sunday afternoons playing shortstop in Central Park alongside his closest friends (AIG). It was at this time that he met Meredith, and the two of them fell in love very quickly.

They started their life together in New York City after getting married in 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida. They were bestowed with the gift of bearing four lovely daughters: Lillian Jane, age 10, Caroline Elizabeth, age 8, Emily Saralynn, age 6, and Eleanor Louise, age 4. They made the town of Wilton, Connecticut, their home while they brought up their daughters. Peter was a caring and dependable father who enjoyed having fun with his children. He was also a devoted spouse who found much delight and satisfaction in his family.

His commitment to his wife and girls was of the utmost importance to him, and it was clear that this passion was shared by everyone who loved him. Additionally, he was able to earn his credentials as a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS) and a Member of the Academy of Actuaries (MAA) by passing the rigorous examinations required for each organization. Since 2010, he had been working for Axis Capital, and thanks to his hard work and determination, he was eventually promoted to the position of Chief Reserving Actuary there. The American International Group, Inc. was Peter’s first employer in the actuarial field.

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