Protesters from Just Stop Oil interrupt a Wimbledon match

Deborah Wilde, 68, a retired teacher from London who was one of the demonstrators who raced on the court, said: “I’m just an ordinary grandmother in resistance to this government’s policy of serving us new oil and gas licences.” Wilde was one of the protesters who ran on the court. She was one of the protesters who ran on the court. Under any other set of circumstances, a disturbance of this nature would be categorically intolerable; nevertheless, they are not under any other set of circumstances.

On Court 18 of the All England Lawn Tennis Club Championships, play was first halted after protesters ran onto the grass and threw orange confetti, glitter, and jigsaw pieces during a match that was being played between Grigor Dimitrov and Sho Shimabukur. Play was eventually resumed on Court 18.

The first disturbance occurred during Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov’s play against Japan’s Sho Shimabukur, and then almost two hours later, another protester disrupted Boulter’s match on the same court. According to Just Stop Oil, the supporters rushed onto the court at approximately 2:10 p.m. and “threw environmentally friendly orange confetti glitter and jigsaw pieces on to the courts, before being removed.”

At the beginning of the second game of the second set, live TV footage showed two persons running onto the court just as Dimitrov was about to take his second serve. This occurred at the beginning of the game. The umpire shouted “wait please” as orange paper was spotted being flung into the air, and the BBC commentator exclaimed “Oh no. This summer, there are even more orange clouds forecast to loom over a British athletic event.

The live feed of the court was halted after one of the protesters sat down on the court in close proximity to the chair used by the umpire. The match didn’t get back underway until around three in the afternoon since it was interrupted by a rain delay.

As a direct result of the disturbance, three individuals have been detained on suspicion of committing aggravated trespass and criminal damage. “Forget about whipped cream and strawberries; scientists are sounding the alarm about imminent food shortages, mass displacement, and conflict. New pandemics, economic inflation, and increasingly authoritarian governments that will strive to stifle social unrest are all threats that we face in the near future.

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