Randy Chapman Obituary, Randy Chapman Has Died – Death Cause

Randy Chapman Obituary, Death Cause – “It is with the utmost sadness that we must notify you of the passing of Randy Chapman, who was a treasured member of our EFI family. Please accept our sincere condolences. We ask that you please accept our deepest sympathies. We ask that you accept our deepest condolences.”

Unfortunately for Randy’s family, the course of his life did not follow the path that they had envisioned for him. He was interested in a wide variety of things, but his favorites were vintage automobiles, boats, and people-watching in general. Randy’s unwavering love and concern for his family as well as the others with whom he interacted on the job were at the very top of his list of priorities.

The absence of Randy’s contributions, which he had been making to EFI ever since the firm was established in 1957, will be painfully felt by each and every one of those who worked at EFI. Randy had been a part of EFI ever since the company was started. The members of Randy’s family had the expectation that he would live a life of significance within his community, recognizing the value of every chance that was presented to him and making the most of the possibilities that were available to him.

He was successful in achieving this objective by surprising them, giving them bear hugs, making their days better with his infectious smile, and displaying an outstanding ability for compassion. Everyone who worked at EFI will think of him with fondness, and they will keep a place in their hearts that is reserved exclusively for him even after their time there has ended. We shall miss having him around.

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