Ray Valenzuela Obituary Mesquite High School Tennis Coach, Ray Valenzuela Has Died – Death Cause

Ray Valenzuela Obituary, Death – Our hearts go out to all of them. Not only do our hearts go out to his wife and their children, but also to him. The suffering that each and every one of them must be experiencing must be experienced to be believed. Because Ray was able to spend a large amount of time teaching at Islands as well as coaching tennis at Mesquite High, he was able to have a good impact on the lives of a significant number of children and athletes who were enrolled in our school system.

Because Ray was employed in both of these positions, this was made feasible because to his versatility. Given that Ray was also the tennis coach at Mesquite High School, the occurrence of this result was certainly not out of the question. During his thirty-year career as an educator, he had a tremendous impact on a huge number of students, instructors, and families. His work spanned from elementary school to high school. His work covered the years ranging from primary school through senior year of high school. At its height, his professional career spanned the course of three decades. They are all going to miss him a good deal, particularly in the beginning of the separation.

Everyone who knew Mr. V held him in extremely high respect, whether they knew him in his function as a PTA security guard, a coworker, a friend, a husband, or a father. This was the case regardless of how they interacted with him. In addition to all of that, he was an extraordinarily skilled teacher. The news of his passing has left us in a state of unfathomable anguish, and our thoughts and prayers are with him, as well as his wife and their children.

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