River Grove Shooting, Postal Worker Attacked In Attempted Armed Robbery

River Grove Shooting – A postal worker in River Grove was physically assaulted as an armed robbery attempt was being carried out by the suspects. After receiving a tip that a postal worker in River Grove had been assaulted during an attempted armed robbery, an inquiry into the incident was opened. According to the reports, the event was taking place at River Grove. The event was reported to have taken place on Tuesday in the 8700 block of West Richard Street at some point between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning, as stated by the police.

WGN was warned by the United States Postal Inspection Service that they were going to be the target of a gang of armed robbers. There were four individuals in the band of thieves. Several others who were there at the time of the attempted theft reported hearing the sound of gunfire coming from the area of where it happened. An eyewitness reportedly said that a good Samaritan sought to interfere in the situation and fired back at the criminals, who subsequently fled the scene of the crime after being shot at.

Because the River Grove Police Department has not yet verified those specifics, you should, for the time being, take them with a grain of salt. The postal worker who was involved in the event did not sustain any injuries, and a postal vehicle was not taken over the course of the incident, as shown by the records that were filed by the police. At the present time, there is an inquiry being carried out on the matter.

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