Robert McKenzie Obituary, In Loving Memory of Robert McKenzie – Death Cause

Robert McKenzie Obituary, Death – When we were notified of the sudden passing of Robert McKenzie, a student who was enrolled in the Marist class of 2018, our emotions were filled with an incredible sense of sorrow, and when we received the news, our hearts were completely broken. Robert McKenzie was a member of the class of 2018, and when we received the news, our hearts were completely broken. As soon as we learned about Robert McKenzie’s untimely passing, our entire beings were flooded with an overpowering sense of sadness. In the year 2018, Robert McKenzie, who was still enrolled at Marist College at the time, made it a point to attend the college’s many lectures.

He was a student at this establishment for the entirety of the aforementioned time period. Throughout this difficult time, Robert, his family, and each and every one of Robert’s close friends will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Robert’s extended family and friends. During this difficult time, we will keep Robert in our prayers and keep him in our thoughts. From this point forward, Robert will also be included in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. Moving forward, we shall remember them by keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, and we will also remember them in this way.

Since we learned that Robert had decided to move away, we have been experiencing a period that can only be described as gloomy. It is my prayer, O Lord, that the unlimited light that you provide may always shine upon him in its entirety, and that his eternal slumber may be undisturbed at any time and in any place. May he be allowed to rest in peace forever. Every night before I go to bed, I say a prayer asking that his slumber be uninterrupted for all of eternity.

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