Robert Pagano Obituary, Firefighter At Fire Division Has Died – Death Cause

Robert Pagano Obituary, Death – The internet personality known as “Dude” Robert Pagano has died; may he rest in peace. We recently spent some time together in remembrance of our friends who were killed while serving in the Newark Fire Department. Due to unfortunate circumstances, it is now imperative that we commemorate both your memory and the legacy that you leave behind. You exuded a genuine enthusiasm for the work that you did as a fireman.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the fact that you have always been willing to help a large number of people, including myself. I remember that before I started driving in the city, you taught me all of your acronyms so that I could better remember the names of the streets. I did this so that I could better navigate the city. You were at Cosmos with the rest of us sharing memories, shedding tears, and enjoying a few drinks when Chip passed away. You were saddened by Chip’s passing.

We’ll toast you with a bottle of wine and think back on all the fun moments we’ve had together over the years while we do so. Relax, and trust that we will take care of everything from this point on. What about Bob,, that’s how we use to describe him when he first came on, I was his training officer,, and Bob was All about the FD, a firefighters firemen ,, he loves his Brothers, and he embodied the idea of the FD being your second Family

He always,, ALWAYS would say “ I Love you Bro” and hug me before before we left each other’s presence,,, He was A REAL ONE ,, LOVED by MOST, and those that didn’t you had to ask WHY NOT?? He was concerned about each and every one of his Brothers and would do anything in his ability to help you out if you were in need. I’m Going to REALLY MISS him after he leaves!

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