Rudy Farias Houston Man Missing 8 years, Mother Sexually Molested And Drugged Him For 8 Years

Rudy Farias Missing –  Nearly a week after Rudy Farias was discovered outside of a local church, investigators with the Houston Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit interviewed him and his mother. Now, frightening new allegations are coming to light regarding the case. ABC13 is getting information on the place that Farias claims he has been for the past eight years for the very first time. The interviews were carried out by the investigators in a hotel in Humble, which is where activist Quanell X claimed that Farias’ mother had called him to ask him to be there.

After the interview, Quanell X shared his account of what he claimed Farias told him and an investigator with the media present. According to the activist, Farias revealed to him that his mother had subjected him to years of sexual assault as well as heavy drug usage. According to Quanell X, “I never heard of a mother doing to a child what this woman did,” and “I have never seen a mother do it.” “That young man has to check himself into the most effective drug rehab and the most effective psychological and mental health centre that we are able to locate for him.

He is a good young boy. That child had just been subjected to serious maltreatment. On Sunday, it was revealed that Farias had been located and was discovered to be in good health after having been reported missing eight years prior. This revelation brought the matter to light. Farias’ mother reported him missing when he was 17 years old, alleging that he never returned home following a stroll with his dogs in 2015. This occurred in 2015. Farias allegedly disclosed to Quanell X that he had run away in 2015, but that he had returned to his home two days later

According to reports, Farias disclosed to Quanell that his mother had warned him that he would be in trouble with the authorities if he spoke up about the situation. According to Quanell, Farias has been claiming for the past eight years that he was not permitted to leave the home because his mother would sexually abuse him there. “She convinced him that he was in trouble for initially running away and that law enforcement wanted to arrest him and put him in jail for running away,” Quanell X said. “She convinced him that the law enforcement wanted to arrest him and put him in jail for running away.” “She had convinced him that various agencies were searching for him so that they could put him in jail,” she said.

When asked why Farias, now a man of 25, wouldn’t leave, Quanell responded that Farias told him his mother would provide him drugs and that he was terrified to go to the police. Farias is now a 25-year-old man. Then, just a few weeks ago, Quanell claims that Farias had enough and that he wanted his mother to respect his boundaries, so he alleges that Farias stole his mother’s credit card and left. Later, on Thursday, police located him at a church in Magnolia Park where he had been hiding out.

According to Quanell X, the individual in question, “He said he just got tired of her not respecting his boundaries and he wanted his own life.” “I was tired of living like a slave,” he said at that same moment, “to quote him exactly.” We are currently expecting to hear back from the police regarding the information that was obtained during that discussion. Police said in a tweet that they are unable to discuss specifics or comment on whether the claims that have been made public are factual.

In 2018, a family member reportedly contacted Houston police and claimed that Farias was living behind the home of another relative; however, police were unable to locate him. Quanell X claims that Farias informed him that whenever the police arrived to the house, Farias’ mother would force him to hide inside the house. According to Quanell X, who spoke to ABC13 news, the young man was treated unfairly by police officials.

Recently, according to what Quannell X stated, Farias told him that he went to work with his mother and was allowed to hang out with neighbours because his mother believed that enough time had gone that no one would recognize him as a missing person. This was despite the fact that he had been forbidden to leave the house for a number of years.


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