Sharon Diego Obituary, Death, Funeral and Visitation

Sharon Diego Obituary, Death – As a consequence of the sudden passing of our cherished community member Ms. Sharon Judy Diego, well known as Big J, our neighborhood as well as the Georgetown Village Council are in a state of great grief and loss. A cloud has been thrown over both of our communities as a result of her leaving. We pray that her daughter, her family, her common law husband, and all of us will be able to take comfort in the knowledge that she is now at peace in the hands of our creator, and that this will be a source of consolation for all of them. We hope that this will be a source of solace for all of them. Additionally, we hope that this will serve as a consolation for each and every one of us. In addition, it is our earnest wish that this will be a consolation to each one of us and serve as a source of comfort for us all.

God would never put anything in front of us that we are unable to deal with because he is the only one who owns the solutions. Since he is the only one who knows the answers to everything, God would never place anything in front of us that we are unable to deal with. She had one of those smiles that simply couldn’t help but exude joy, and she was actively engaged in the expansion and development of the town in which they lived.

Big J, as we fondly referred to her, was someone who worked hard to bring love and peace into our family. As a result of the fact that you have completed all that was required to be done on earth, it is now time for you to put on your crown in heaven and ascend to greater heights. Ayoo wasati beremei.

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