Shawn Sweetser Obituary, Resident Of Johnstown Pennsylvania Has Died – Death Cause

Shawn Sweetser Obituary, Death – At the age of 58, Shawn Eric Sweetser passed away on July 11, 2023. He was born in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, which is located in the state of Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska is where Shawn Eric Sweetser first made his appearance in the world. We are very sorry to inform you that Shawn Eric Sweetser has passed away. It is with heavy hearts that we share this news with you. We ask that you please accept our sympathies on the passing of a loved one.

It is with the deepest sadness on our part that we must share this information with you at this time. I must break the news to you with a heavy heart that this is the path that we will continue to take moving forward. He was under the impression that the municipality of Johnstown in the state of Pennsylvania would be his permanent place of residence. His older sister, Kelly Wirick, as well as both of his parents, Erton Sweetser and Jacqueline Sweetser (Lavigne), had already passed away prior to the time that he was born. Both of his parents were married at the time of his birth. Kelly Wirick was also his older sister.

Which is another interesting fact. After the unexpected passing of both of his parents, he was brought into the world. His daughter Caitlin Sweetser, his wife Debra Wilson, and his sister Robin Sweetser are the only surviving members of his family at this time. He lost the rest of his family quite some time ago. He was the only member of his family to be separated from the rest of his relatives in the order in which they were taken from him. His charming spouse’s name is Debra Wilson, and she took his last name when they married.


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