Silverton Oregon Shooting, Coroner Identifies 8-Year-Old Shot

Silverton Oregon Shooting – Police in Silverton are looking for the individual guilty for the shooting death of an 8-year-old kid who was killed inside of a property in Silverton. The boy’s body was found with gunshot wounds. The man had been found dead from a gunshot wound when authorities arrived. Before the child was finally put to death, he or she was murdered by being shot multiple times. The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office has made public the name of the young girl who was shot and killed on Monday as a result of a drive-by shooting.

The activity was carried out on Monday as the scheduled day of the event. She was only 8 years old throughout that crucial era in history. According to deputies, the suspect fired into a home in the 6000 block of Plainfield Road around 11:40 p.m. Monday. Damyih Pickes-Barton was only struck by one bullet when the incident was taking place, as determined by the results of the investigations into the matter. The course of events that took place was the deciding factor in this. She was brought to the hospital, but she did not survive her stay there.

The authorities have not provided a description of the person who they have reason to believe is the suspect at this moment; but, they do have this reason. It is not known whether the young girl was supposed to be the intended target of the shooting or whether a stray bullet hit her instead of the person who was supposed to be the target of the shooting.

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