Stefanie Roman Obituary, Stefanie Roman Has Died – Learn More

Stefanie Roman Obituary, Death cause – We are deeply saddened to tell you of the demise of Mrs. Stefanie Roman, who was extremely dear to our hearts. Please have a look at the note that her husband, Victor, has written to you and send it back to him. I would want to take this opportunity to thank you for the thoughtful comments that you have shared with my family as well as the financial assistance that you have provided for us over the past seven months. MY WIFE, WHOM WE ALL KNEW AS “MRS. STEFANIE,” LOST HER BATTLE WITH DEATH RECENTLY, AS SOME OF YOU MAY HAVE HEARD.

Mrs. Stefanie made frequent mention of the gathering in the correspondence that she carried out by email and letter. When you came back, she was ecstatic to see you after such a long time apart. I am grateful for your continuous dedication to ensuring her happiness and fostering her growth. She was counting on you to come through for her and had faith that you would fulfill your promise to help her.
If we must, we should weep and express our sorrow over this loss.

Now is not the time to put things on hold. In memory of Mrs. Stefanie, it would make her happy if each of us did everything in our power to be obedient to God’s will and to take pleasure in every moment of our lives.
Once more, I would like to express how much I value your concern and how much I value the prayers that you have sent. Everyone that attends LAMAR SCHOOL is in my thoughts and prayers.

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