Stuart Maxwell Murder Crocker Basingstoke, Detectives Investigating Cause Of Death

Stuart Maxwell Obituary, Death – A lady has been arrested and charged in connection with the investigation into the death of a man by the Andover police department. Just before noon on June 28, the body of 62-year-old Stuart Maxwell Crocker, who lived on New Street in Andover, was discovered. Crocker had been missing since the morning of that day. A woman by the name of Winter Swan-Miller, who is 36 years old and resides on New Street in Andover, has been taken into custody and is being suspected of his murder.

She is currently detained by law enforcement officials. She is set to appear in court at the Basingstoke Magistrates Court on the fourth of July, which falls on a Tuesday. In addition, a man who was 43 years old and lived in Aldridge was taken into custody on suspicion of assisting a criminal. He was given bond and allowed to go free while the police continue their investigation into the incident. After she had my auntie murdered, she should have been arrested and sent in jail straight away.

Previously, she had been successful in covering her tracks, but this time, she was finally brought to justice. My aunt was slain by her at such a young age, and despite the fact that she still had the majority of her life ahead of her, she was released from custody and went on to kill another person. My aunt was the first person she had ever killed. My most earnest wish is that this man and my auntie will at long last have the opportunity to defend themselves in court. On the other hand, it won’t be enough to sway their decision and bring them back.

I have the deepest and most sincere desire that the whore rots in jail and endures as much pain as she has inflicted for other people.

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