Tanner Urban Car Accident Marysville California, Tanner Urban Involved in Car Crash

Tanner Urban Car Accident – As a result of the fact that a good many of us are already familiar with this extraordinary family, I do not feel awkward about sharing this knowledge with you. Tanner was a participant in the MYFL community and was a member of the team that Caleb was on throughout the entirety of both of their careers as youth football players. During that time period, they competed against a large number of other opponents, including Gooch, bubba, Ano, and Marques, amongst a great many others.

At MP High School, where he is a student and a member of the basketball and football teams, he is the head coach of both teams and also participates in both sports. On the morning of July 4, a tragic collision involving a car took place on 136th street. The collision took place early in the morning. As a direct consequence of this collision, four young persons sustained injuries. It turned out that each of the four individuals had already passed away at the location where they were discovered. Tanner was one of them, but unfortunately, he passed away while the others were seeking treatment for their injuries in the hospital where he was a patient.

He passed away when the others were receiving care for their injuries in the hospital. Because his family was able to pull through such a significant amount of adversity, they have earned a great deal of respect from their friends and neighbors in the area where they live as a result of their efforts. Kristin, Tanner’s mother, has asked for a vigil to be held in honor of her son at the crash site tonight at eight o’clock. The vigil will go place in Tanner’s memory. At some point throughout the course of the vigil, candles will be lit in honor of Tanner. Let’s find out what the future holds for all of us, rally everyone in the life of this incredible young man to support him, and show him some love and support.

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