Ted Owens Obituary, Former WW11 Veteran Has Passed Away -Death Cause

Ted Owens Obituary, Death – We are left with a deep sense of loss upon learning of the passing of World War I veteran Mr. Ted Owens, who died away earlier today. On June 6, 1944, Ted, a Royal Marine Commando, participated in the invasion of Normandy by landing on Sword Beach. Ted Owens was a man who has a wide variety of skills and interests. Not only was he a prosperous businessman, but he was also an ardent supporter of humanitarian and environmental causes, as well as an advocate for educational opportunities.

Ted’s life journey brought him from meager beginnings to become one of the most important figures in our community and beyond. This accomplishment came about despite the fact that he started off rather poorly. Ted was well-known throughout the business world for his forward-thinking ideas and his willingness to take calculated risks. He established a number of profitable businesses and made his mark in a variety of fields, from the field of technology to that of renewable energy.

His enterprising spirit not only contributed to the expansion of the economy, but it also made it possible for a great number of people living in the neighborhood to find work. However, Ted Owens’ legacy can be traced back to much more than just his economic endeavors. He was the epitome of philanthropy and was constantly looking for new ways to contribute to society. Ted’s giving benefited a large number of charitable organizations and community activities, which in turn made a substantial positive impact on the lives of a large number of persons.

His achievements, which included providing financial aid to students from low-income families and providing support for initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, will be remembered for many years to come.Ted was a big fan of our sausages, steak, and faggots, all of which could be brought to his house on a daily basis. Even a trip to the store was beyond his capabilities at the time.
Ted relished the opportunity to talk about his time spent in the military since he possessed an exceptional memory. He was a charming and upstanding gentleman who would be much missed by all. Mr. Owens, I am grateful to you for your service. RIP

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