Temecula Motorcycle Accident, Fatal Temecula Motorcycle Crash on 15 Freeway

Temecula Motorcycle Accident – The report also states that the rider was thrown from the bike shortly after the incident. The rider was moving between lanes at a speed of 10-15 mph when the collision occurred, according to the report, which also adds that the rider was wearing a helmet. The California Highway Patrol has stated that “there is no indication that the driver of the big rig had any knowledge that they were involved in this crash.” This is in spite of the fact that the truck driver did not stop the vehicle after being involved in the accident.

A preliminary report that was provided by the California Highway Patrol on Friday revealed that a man who was riding a Harley-Davidson and was 76 years old was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer on Thursday evening during crawling rush-hour traffic on Interstate 15 in Temecula. The report claimed that the collision occurred in Temecula on Interstate 15. The event was said to have taken place on the freeway in Temecula, according to the report.

A car traveling in the northbound lanes near the intersection with Winchester Road was responsible for the death of a motorcyclist who was struck and killed by the vehicle. The incident occurred around 6:10 in the evening. The identification of the deceased motorcyclist who was involved in the collision has not been made public by the coroner’s office as of yet. The preliminary report from the California Highway Patrol indicates that just prior to the event, the rider was separating lanes at a speed of 10-15 mph when, for reasons that are unknown, he “laid his motorcycle down” and was thrown from the bike.

Regarding the tractor, there is absolutely no additional information offered in any way. The trailer was referred to as a “white box trailer,” which was an accurate description of the trailer. Due to the congestion that was caused by the collision, there was a significant backup in traffic, and a SigAlert was issued while the incident was being investigated. Both of these things happened simultaneously.

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