Tim Lorimer Obituary, A Lifelong CBC Radio Engineer Dies – Death Cause

Tim Lorimer Obituary, Death – In spite of the fact that we are located in various parts of the country, those of my generation who are employed by CBC Radio make up a relatively insignificant portion of the whole company. We are all familiar with one another, are aware of one another’s capabilities and limitations, take joy in one another’s accomplishments, have a good time spending time together online, and console one another when things do not go according to plan.

We are so near to being a village that it is almost funny, and in my opinion, we are quite comparable to Kenaston, Saskatchewan, which is the actual hamlet that was the focus of my existence when I was a youngster and continues to play that function in my adult life. We are so close to being a village that it is almost laughable, and in my opinion, we are quite comparable to Kenaston, Saskatchewan. Tim Lorimer has passed away; his life has come to an end. Despite this, his most notable involvement was with the television show “Quirks and Quarks.”

During the period that I spent at CBC Toronto in a variety of positions, Tim and I shared many incredible experiences while we were working in the studio together. However, the most of our work connection was conducted over enormous distances, with him expertly anchoring the technical stuff in the Big Smoke and with me finding my way through controlling the controls in Regina. Both of us were located in different cities.  As a direct and immediate consequence of the unanticipated and sudden passing of our dear friend and former colleague Tim Lorimer this past week, our group is currently going through one of the most difficult periods in its whole history. Tim’s death was sudden and came about without warning.

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