Timothy Vernon Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Timothy Vernon

Timothy Vernon Obituary, Death – I am deeply sorry for the loss of your youngest brother, Timothy John Vernon. Losing a loved one suddenly is a profound and heartbreaking experience, and my condolences go out to you and your family during this difficult time. It’s clear that Tim held a special place in your heart, and you have cherished memories of the time you spent together. Reading “One Fish Two Fish” to him and the memories of that first bedroom in Mineral Wells are a testament to the bond you shared.

Please know that my thoughts are with you and your family as you navigate through this period of grief and loss. May Timothy John Vernon rest in peace, and may you find strength and healing as you remember the beautiful moments you shared with him. My youngest brother, Timothy John Vernon passed away suddenly on Thursday night. Tim, I will always remember reading one fish two fish to you, and that first bedroom off the stairs in Mineral Wells! Love, always, baby Bro! Here are a couple of pics in Jun94 at mine and Carl’s wedding. Tim is in the back row at the far left on the group shot. And then there’s one of him and Jennifer, probably getting ready to go party!

The pictures you shared capture beautiful moments from Jun94, a time of celebration during yours and Carl’s wedding. Tim’s presence in the back row of the group shot and the picture of him and Jennifer reflect the joy and happiness he brought to those occasions and his zest for life. As you mourn the loss of your baby brother, I hope you find comfort in the cherished memories and the love you shared. Lean on family and friends for support during this difficult time, and may the love and fond memories of Tim sustain you and your family in the days ahead.


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