Today, there will be a big change at Subway stores

Subway unveiled its biggest renovation in nearly 60 years a year ago. The “Subway Series” sandwich menu, which currently makes up 20% of sales, replaced personalization. Sales through its app or third-party services doubled compared to 2021.

Subway is revamping its meats to compete with fast-growing rivals. Subway’s roughly 20,000 US locations will begin freshly slicing their deli meat on Wednesday, marking the chain’s biggest change since two years ago, when it revamped its menu, ingredients and restaurants to boost sales and make itself an attractive acquisition target.

Turkey, pepperoni, roast beef, gammon and salami are sliced daily on the $6,000 slicers in 80% of retailers. That’s a big change from Subway’s factory-sliced beef delivery. Slicing cold cuts in stores improves freshness and aligns the business with smaller competitors like Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and Firehouse Subs, which have been expanding. Unlike Subway, which has closed 7,000 sites since 2016.

Subway bakes bread, cookies and slices vegetables daily. Adding freshly sliced meat felt like the natural step that we needed to get back to and address’, Subway North America CEO Trevor Haynes told CNN. Cheese, steak, and rotisserie chicken are still pre-sliced. Subways is offering turkey, garlic roast beef, gammon and ‘The Beast’ on Italian bread to showcase the new slicer.

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