Todd Booge Obituary, A Resident Iowa Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Todd Booge Obituary, Death – There, he served as a member of the ambulance crew for a few years before being elevated to the position of flight medics 1975, Robert and his brother Steve decided to start over and hitchhiked from California to Missouri in search of a fresh start. Because Steve ultimately did not enjoy the “country life,” his older brother found work at Toastmaster in order to earn money to pay for a plane ticket for Steve to return to the “city life.” Bob remained behind to work and earn an additional income in order to pay for his own plane ticket.

Brenda was the name of the lovely young lady who captured his attention and earned his love. Brenda was his name for her.  Todd Booge has died. He was released with honor in May of 1972 and received the National Defense Service Medal as well as the Expert (Rifle) designation for his service. During this period, he also earned his Emergency Medical Technician certification by attending classes at Moberly Area Community College. After that, he started working for the Randolph County Ambulance District, where he eventually became a crew commander.

In addition, he worked part time for the ambulance districts in the neighboring areas. During this period, he earned his license to practice as a paramedic and moved up in the ranks at the University Hospital and Clinics.The wedding between Robert and Brenda took place on February 28th, 1976. Angela Todd was born to them in 1977 as their first child. They welcomed their first child, Robert Todd, in 1979. They had a lot of fun together as a family going camping, fishing, and hosting all of the Fourth of July activities.

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