Tom Parker Obituary, Tom Parker Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Tom Parker Obituary, Death – ‘Bittersweet’ marks Kelsey Parker and Tom Parker’s fifth wedding anniversary. The singer from the band Wanted passed dead at age 33 following a battle with brain cancer. Today would have been Kelsey and Tom’s fifth wedding anniversary, which obviously devastated me given that we only made it to three years of marriage, she said in a video to her followers yesterday. I recall all the fun moments Tom and I spent together, how we eventually got married, and how that weekend truly was the finest weekend of both our lives.

Even though it was just for three years, we experienced so much love and happiness together, and I’m very thankful for that time. Let Tom rest in peace. & Tom Once clear of the Wanted, he spent a year in recording studios, learning the nuts and bolts of making records, and emerged as a dance music producer specialising in EDM and house. During that year, he kept his hand in by appearing as featured vocalist on the track Fireflies by the former

N-Dubz rapper Richard Rawson, but by the time he was ready to fully relaunch, he had missed the golden hour when being an ex-member of the Wanted would have ignited interest. Parker released half a dozen tracks between 2015 and 2019, both under his own name and as half of Lost + Found – an EDM production duo in which he was partnered by the former X Factor contestant Ollie Marland – but never hit the charts again. That was something of an injustice, as the 2019 L+F song Ghosted was a fine piece of club-pop.

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