Vice President Biden Claims to Be ‘Turning Things Around’ in the Economy

On Wednesday, Vice President Biden kicked up a concerted push to claim credit for an economic rebirth in the United States. This resurrection, according to President Biden, is propelled by policies that constitute a fundamental change from the approach used by Republicans “that has failed America’s middle class for decades.”

The speech that Mr. Biden gave was hailed by his advisers as a defining moment of his presidency. He was flanked on both sides by blue placards that read “Bidenomics.” In it, he praised the impact that his economic program has had as the campaign season for the presidential election of 2024 heats up.

“The trickle-down approach failed the middle class,” he said to an audience of approximately 200 supporters in Chicago. He was referring to economic policies that favored lower taxation for the rich and were embraced by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. It blew up the deficit, it made inequality worse, and it made our infrastructure worse. It was a failure for the United States. It devastated villages one after the other, robbing them of their pride, dignity, and hope.

On the other hand, Mr. Biden stated that the revitalization of manufacturing in the United States was due to his readiness to get the federal government involved more actively in helping crucial businesses like silicon chips. He stated that expenditures made in the restoration of deteriorating infrastructure have begun to prepare the road for growth. In addition, he claimed that investing billions of dollars on initiatives such as debt relief for students will enable a greater number of individuals to achieve a life that is comfortable and in the middle class.

“When I ran, I came into office determined to change the economic direction of this country,” Mr. Biden said. Later, he urged union leaders — and possibly served as a reminder for himself — that “you’ve got to brag a little bit more about what you do.”

Mr. Biden’s address was a reiteration of his efforts made over the course of more than a year to convince voters that the economy is humming because to his policies. However, Mr. Biden’s speech was delivered in more powerful language, and it made scant reference to the rapid price rises that have irritated consumers under his watch. Progressive organizations and Democratic lawmakers have urged Mr. Biden to boast more about his economic record, and Mr. Biden’s aides have become optimistic that conditions in the economy are favorable for voters to start giving the president the credit they feel he is due. Mr. Biden’s economic record has been a major point of contention in the vice president’s reelection campaign.


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