Wendell Ortiz Obituary, Former Member Serna & Associates Has Died -Death Cause

Wendell Ortiz Obituary, Death – I have a heavy heart as I have to be the one to break the news to you, but today, we have suffered the loss of a truly remarkable man. Please accept my deepest condolences. In the early hours of this morning, around six o’clock, Mr. Wendell (skip) Ortiz passed away as a result of problems brought on by cancer. After putting in a lot of years’ worth of labor for Serna & Associates, Skip eventually chose early retirement in the year 2019, at which time he parted ways with the company.

Building inspector was Skip’s previous job before he started working for Serna. He was hired by the city of Palm Desert. He had served in that capacity for a number of years prior to his departure. In his younger years, he did his military service in the Army of the United States of America. When he was younger, he signed up to serve in the armed forces. We considered Skip to be more of a family member than an employee, and I referred to him very regularly as “my pops.”

We continued to communicate with one another over the course of the many years that passed after his departure from Serna; the most recent time I had a conversation with Skip was on Sunday evening. His departure from Serna took place a significant number of years ago. We were, in a sense, bidding farewell to one another, and while we were doing so, we made it a point to express to one another how much love we had for the other.

Although there will never be another individual quite like Skip, God is fortunate enough to have the assistance of a totally new angel as of today.

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