William Montoya Obituary, William Montoya Has Passed Away – Death Cause

William Montoya Obituary,  Death – The Pueblo County Coroner has identified the victim of a shooting homicide that occurred on July 4th in Pueblo. On July 4, officers from the Pueblo Police Department (PPD) were dispatched to the 20 block of Amherst Avenue to investigate the situation after receiving reports that bullets had been fired in the neighbourhood. They were alerted to the fact that there had been gunfire in the community.

The information that was provided by the caller indicated that it was possible to hear the rounds that were being played at the time. The reality that it could be done lent credence to this assertion. It was exactly one minute after the hour when the phone began to ring, which meant that it was a few minutes after one in the morning.

Since the beginning of the hour, there had been a total of one minute passed. To rephrase it, it was precisely one minute after the hour to the minute. Another way to say this is that it was exactly to the minute. They discovered a man who had been killed at the spot when they arrived. This guy has been identified as Marcos Baca, and he is currently 29 years old at the time of this writing. During the course of the investigation, we discovered these pieces of information.

Baca hails from Pueblo, which is also the city in which he was born. He was shot, which ultimately resulted in the tragic outcome of his passing away. It was plausible to presume that he had been shot at some point due to the fact that he had a wound on his torso that appeared to have been caused by a bullet. During their investigation that night, the PPD arrested 46-year-old William Montoya for first-degree murder.

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